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At Phoenix Vapor Shop, we feel very fortunate to, daily, be able to do something that has meaning, something of value. We recognize that it’s a big step trying to find an alternative to smoking cigarettes- change is tough! And, knowing that, we want to make that transition comfortable, actually enjoyable! We consider it an honor to be a part of that process, and we take it very seriously. We want to build relationships with our customers- that’s why customer service is our #1 priority. It’s important for us to understand what each of you is trying to accomplish when you walk through the door at Phoenix- everyone’s goals are a little different.

And, of course, of equal importance is the quality of the items that we sell.  That’s why you’ll find only name-brand products of integrity at Phoenix.  A lot of time has been spent researching and selecting products to sell- definitely separating the wheat from the chaff!!  We spend many, many hours, experimenting with ingredients and developing our e-juice recipes. Sometimes we feel like mad scientists!  It’s a pain-staking process for sure, but so worth it when a newbie takes that first vape and his face lights up with pleasant surprise. That’s the good stuff! We take our time with each customer explaining options, sampling flavors, and explaining how this whole vaping thing works!! We’ll take the same kind of time hiring and training quality staff, as we grow, so we can maintain a top-notch level of customer service.

 This is our commitment to you as a valued customer.

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A little about Catherine…

I’ve always been blessed to do something that I love to earn a living. My first career (!)was as an interior designer-loved it. Loved creating beautiful environments for my customers. Then I had a restaurant here in Austin that some of you may have visited- Sambet’s Cajun Deli. LOVED it!! I loved cooking and serving up comfort and comfort food! Then when that burned down Thanksgiving Day 2011 (Yup! Fryin’ turkeys!!!) I had to reinvent myself again. I’ve come to realize that no matter what I do, I’ve always wanted people to feel better goin’ out the door than they did comin’ in. And I like, no- I require!! interacting face-to-face with my customers- each and every one if possible. So, with that in mind, and having been a vaper myself for over a year, I decided to rise from the ashes (literally!), like the phoenix and recreate myself here at Phoenix Vapor Shop!! 


A little about James…

As a native Austinite, I am so excited about being a part of, Phoenix, as we are a local business that supports our community. I have a background in I/O Psychology, and have lived and worked in in a variety of places and settings around the country. My education and experience has taught me a lot about what to do and what not to do in life and in business. Moreover, I learned that it is important to be a part of something bigger than myself, and doing work that matters. I value people. I believe that relationships are the key to life therefore, building them and upon them is of utmost value to me. I love what we are doing here at Phoenix, because itʼs more than selling devices and flavors. Itʼs helping people and providing hope to those wanting to make a change and improve the quality of their life. We are an avenue for people to make that step away from smoking and we are excited to serve you the best way we can. Come by and “Quench Your Vape”.

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A little about Sean….

Sean comes from an extensive IT background, most recently working almost six years for Xerox. He loves to work on anything electronic. To make a long story short, if it has either a computer screen, flashing lights, or big speakers he is in love. Sean was a 2 pack a day smoker until October 2009 when he decided to start vaping. Since then he hasn’t looked back, and vaping has become a hobby for him. He started frequenting Phoenix Vapor Shop shortly after we opened, and as we got to know him, decided he would be a good addition to the team.He is into all types of rebuildable devices, and can often be seen (barely!) behind a cloud of vapor. We affectionately call him our shop dragon. He is also our shop techie and is helping Catherine with the website and point-of-sale system. Sean enjoys listening to almost all types of Electronica, mainly Dubstep or Trap.

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Cade (AKA Cater-Salad)

I consider myself a jack of all trades and a master of them all as well! I moved to Austin In January of 2014 and have been loving every minute of it. I started vaping when I moved here because I was on a budget but I still needed my nicotine. A friend of mine had told me about ecigs in the past so I thought I would finally give it a shot! I immediately became infatuated with the many different flavors that were available!(Which looking back now were very limited at the time!) soon after, I learned about rebuilding and have fancied myself a professional cloud chaser ever since!

I honestly never thought I’d end up working at a vape shop, but I’m so thankful that God has put me here with these amazing people! Thank you guys for letting me be apart of this Phamily!


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Tim comes also comes from an extensive IT background. He has designed and maintained a content portal for aspiring animators, over 150 animators had released their animations exclusively on his animation portal – many were collaborative projects between different animators, ranging in many different styles from classic Noir films, to highly detailed 3D content.
Tim starting vaping several months after he had quit cigarettes cold turkey, his first favorite flavor made by Phoenix was Hill Country, which he says “Tastes like Fredericksburg”.





 I’ve lived here in Austin all of my 20 years and i don’t regret it for a second. I started smoking cigarettes at 17 and hated myself everyday for it. I’m so excited to be able to help people stop smoking and open a new chapter in their life. I mostly like blowing big clouds with rebuildables, but all kinds of vape quench this thirst. As the youngest member of the Phamily i bring a different kind of hype to the shop. I like old cars and trucks (older the better), Skynyrd, and the great state of Texas.

Come on by and say hello and see what we’re all about and let us introduce you to this wild and wonderful world of vaping!!!

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